How to register a new account?

Click on My Account, if you are existing user, you could sign in, otherwise click on Register. Input your personal data to register a new account. When you first register, your account is inactivated. You need to activate your account before adding a memorial page. Click on Activate Account and then click on Mail Code button to have activation code send to your email. Check you email and get the activation code to activate your new account. Now your account are activated and you are able to add a memorial page for the loved one. (Account activation process is used to prevent user from abuse the system by input a fake email. You will need to reactivate your account when you change your email.)

Forgot account password?

Click on My Account and then click on the link where it said forgot account password. Input the email address you used to register the account and submit the request. You should get the account password in your email.

How to add a new memorial page?

You have to register and activate your account before adding any memorial page. Sign on to your account and click on Add memorial. Fill in the memorial data and brief description. You have the choice to make memorial open, private or closed on open status field. If open status is open, it means anyone will be able to view the memorial page you created and contribute the tributes. If open status is private, it will ask you to input the Visit Password. Anyone who wants to view or contribute tribute to this memorial need to input Visit Password. if open status is closed, it means this memorial page is not accessible anymore.

In the process of filling memorial data, you are able to upload a picture of your loved one with the size not over 30kb. You should be able to add as many memorial as you want. If you want to remove any memorial page, you could send us the request by click on Contact Us link.

How to contribute a tribute?

At the home page, you could input either last name or first name to search for the memorial person to contribute the condolence or tributes. If you don't remember the whole string of last name or first name, you could search by only first few letters of last name or first name. The result will show all with the last name or first name match the input. Click on the one you want, if it asks you to input Visit Password, it means the memorial creator has make it private and you need the password to access it. Once you gain the access, you will see the person's biography and all tributes the others sent. You could click on Add link to contribute your condolence and tributes.

How to let other people know about a memorial page?

Follow the instruction in How to contribute a tribute to get to the memorial page and then input your friends email addresses and submit it. Your friends will get an email with the link to this memorial page and Visit Password if it is private. Of course, you could always spread it by speaking.

Remember, you could alway contact us with Contact Us link if you have any question.

Thank you for accessing our website, have a nice day! Online Memorial