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A memorial website is a great way to celebrate the life of a beloved one who has passed away.

Preserve the memory of a loved one. Visitors can add photos & comments.

Free Memorial for your Loved Ones Anyone can add Pic's and Testimony.

i8899.com memorial center offers free online memorials to help you create a memorial page for the beloved one who has passed away. The memorial page may set to public for everyone or set to private for limited people to view and contribute the condolence. Here is the steps to create a new memorial page.

  1. Register a new account.(Make sure you have input real email address, You need it to activate your account).
  2. Active Account.(Click 'Mail Code' button to have activation code send to your email).
  3. Add Memorial.(Input main data and upload a picture of deceased person.).
  4. Change 'Open Status' to set memorial page to Private or Public.
  5. Click on 'Home' and input deceased person's name to search new created memorial page.
  6. Add a memorial page to your memorial list by click on 'Add To My List'. So you can navigate to a memorial page directly inside your account.
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    Kailey Brianna
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