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  • Last Name:Bowles Gender:Female
    First Name:Kailey Brianna Nationality:USA
    Birthday:1997-10-06 Religion:None
    Deathday:2005-03-02 Profession:None
    Birth Address: St. Anthonys Medical Center in Crown Point, Indiana
    Tomb Address: Crown Point, Indiana

    This web site is made in memory of  our loved one, Kailey Brianna Bowles, We will remember her forever. 

    When your parent dies,
    You've lost your past
    when your child dies,
    you've lost your future.

    Kailey was born October 6, 1997 at St. Anthonys Medical Center in Crown Point, Indiana at 9:15pm. 9 lbs  0 ozs 19 inches long. Red hair and grey eyes. My first child of three and my only baby girl.

    In the hospital they found out she was allergic to milk soon after she was born. She had to have the soy formula when I brought her home. The doctors told me she would grow out of the milk allergie by the time she was one. Well when she turned one she was still allergic. When she turned two we found one she has asthema also. She was in and out of the hospital at least once a month for the asthema for the next year and a half. Finally we and the doctors got it under control. By the time she was six years old she was tested for her allergies again. The results said that the allergies didnt get better. It is worse than ever. 

    By Kelly Lancor

    My silent child our precious baby,
    I will keep you with me.
    An important job God has for you,
    There is love to give and work to do.

    He needs an angel strong but small,
    To shine light on many and give love to all.
    Before you go I give you this,
    half my heart and one last kiss. 

    We will miss you dearly that we know,
    but by God you were chosen,
    so to heaven, you must go.

    You never said I am leaving
    You never said goodbye,
    You were gone before