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  • Last Name:Kerns Gender:Male
    First Name:Donald Nationality:american
    Birthday:1937-10-17 Religion:christain
    Deathday:2007-03-03 Profession:retired auto mechanic
    Birth Address: warrenton virginia fauquier hospital
    Tomb Address: my zion cemetary luray virginia
    To Dad

    You are a freind who is very kind
    You share your faith for all to hold
    A man like you is hard to find
    Your heart is made of soild gold

    When we was down you lifted us up
    With your advice and prayers you gave
    Your caring ways your touching words
    Giving us reasons to hope and be saved

    Touching our life in a special way
    Spreading God's word of endless love
    Accepting the lord into your life
    You will be living once more up above

    You have taught us to believe again
    Showing us death we need not fear
    You will have a brand new live in Heaven
    Now we know the Savior is always near

    Thank you for what you have done
    Remember us when our life ends
    Knowing that i am smiling now
    Reunited with my love once agin

    Thanks you for always being there for us love your kids