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  • Last Name:Crevenston Gender:Female
    First Name:Sharon Nationality:American (USA)
    Birthday:1949-02-21 Religion:Christian
    Deathday:2005-10-22 Profession:Owner Of Driver Education School
    Birth Address: Miami, Florida
    Tomb Address: 1648 Kennon Road Mineral VA 23117

    I Used Norma To Show A Real Mother’s Love

    By Sharon Crevenston


    I cannot remember very much

    kindness as a child. Most fear and

    being exploited for other’s pleasure.

    I was in an orphanage, a Lutheran

    Haven Home, reform school and

    several foster homes. I was physically,

    mentally, and sexually abused, all

    before the age of 15.

    At the age of 15 I ran away from a

    foster home in Maryland. I lived with.

    my aunt and entered the 10th grade.

    My aunt was dying. I was told to find

    another place to live. I didn’t know

    what to do. My aunt died and I was told

    to move out. The children across the

    hall allowed me to sleep on a cot in

    their apartment. The trouble was the

    parents spoke only Spanish. The same

    day in school I was crying at my locker.
    A girl named Kathy shared lockers with

    me. I told her what was happening to
    me and she told her mom, Norma.
    Kathy had challenged her parents’ faith

    when she asked them to take an

    orphan into their home. Norma came

    to the apartments to see if Kathy’s story

    was true. When she saw it was true,

    she said, “Honey, get your things, and

    come home with Kathy and me.”

    That was when my life began to

    change. Norma said the magic word,

    “home.” I did not know what a home

    is where Mom and Dad love each

    other, and spend time alone together.
    Home is where everyone takes turns

    cleaning. Home is where we worship

    God on Sunday from all experiences in

    our lives. Home is where Mom cooks

    breakfast, packs lunches, and prepares

    dinners without ceasing and never

    complaining. Home is always giving

    thanks before a meal. Home is where

    Mom picks you up from school when

    you are sick. Home is where Mom

    sews your first prom dress. Home is

    where your bring your first report card to

    someone who really cares. Home is

    where they believe the good in you.

    home is where they laugh, cry and

    talk. Home is where each individual is

    respected. Home is where they really

    listen to you. Such a short time with

    Norma and so much I’ve learned.

    Wes, Norma’s husband was in the

    Navy and was promoted to captain

    and they had orders to move to the

    West Coast. They helped me to save

    enough money to get into my own

    apartment. I met my husband, Danny.

    We fell deeply in love and were

    married. Five years later my sons were

    born. Then Wes was promoted to

    admiral and came to the East Coast

    again. Norma spent 10 days with me

    after the birth of my son. She helped

    me nurse my baby. Norma reassured
    me I was doing such a good job. I was

    a good mother. These were fun years,

    full of visits and holidays together.

    once again Wes was promoted and

    was ordered to the West Coast.

    With such praise and confidence

    given to me by my adopted family,

    Danny and I continued on with out

    walk with the lord. My husband and I

    started a puppet ministry that reached

    into Moose Lodges and public schools,

    Knights of Columbus gatherings’, and

    Georgetown University. We ever

    brought the good news to children on


    Once again Wes was promoted, this

    time is a full four-star admiral, and
    Norma accompanied him to many

    countries. But this was a sad time too

    because Norma was fighting cancer.

    It was time for my lessons again. They

    retired in Arlington and I was just 10

    minutes away. I could come over

    frequently. One day, I remember

    coming over to clean and I found

    Norma had slept all night in the chair

    because the bone cancer was in her

    back. As I walked in, there was a tear

    streaming down her face while she

    was still smiling. She turned her head

    to me, whispering, “Quiet. Now, look

    out the window and see the beautiful

    red bird at my feeder. Doesn’t God

    make beautiful things?” She met

    cancer the same way she met life,

    “One day at a time,” she was even the

    president of the “Reach out for

    Recovery” support program. When the

    time came for her to go home with

    Jesus, even in the midst of her pain,

    she still praised God for the colorful

    birds that came everyday to eat from

    her bird feeder. A week before she

    died, Norma asked me to come over

    just to tell me she loved me. It was

    then as she whispered I felt God

    whispering to me, “I used Norma to

    show you a real mother’s love.”

    Sharon L. Crevenston is a member of Faith

    United Methodist Church in Alexandria, Va.





    Sharon Louise Crevenston 2/21/49 to 10/22/05 56 years old.

    My mother was a wise and strong individual who believed that with much persistence comes much perseverance. She never feared being misunderstood and never past judgment on people. My mother was very complex and had many facets to her personality therefore not many people in life knew her the way I got to. I had the honor and privilege of being able to understand her truest self. I was able to explore and see her true colors which were bright and beautiful and always had energy. Sharon was the type of person that could always make people laugh and smile naturally. This came to her as natural as driving a car. She truly was a unique and one of a kind person ready to help others and always putting herself last. Sharon was a mother, teacher, wonderful wife, mentor, life coach, she was truly a person of significance, of conscience. She was a wonderful mother and my best friend and someone that I could go to anytime. She will be missed much but more importantly she is in a better place now. Just as a hermit crab crawls out of its shell Sharon did so spiritually. She spiritually went on to another better life and left this physical life with plenty of good memories. My mother used to take us every year to Kings Dominion and buy us annual passes and would always love to take us there. She would love to go on roller coasters with us and the ones she did not enjoy she would love to just sit and watch us. I took my mother on a trip across the us to see beautiful sites. I will never forget when we took a helicopter aerial tour over the Grand Canyon and I got to sit in the front co-pilot seat. My mother was so proud that I could get that seat. This seat had the best view by far and I quickly offered it to my mother and she said you go head and enjoy it. That was the way she was and will be remembered by me in life always putting herself last and trying so hard to please and meet every need of the other person. At that moment I realized how much I loved my mother and being with her. We took many trips cross country to see different states. She would go anywhere in the us with me on any road trip and would love it and enjoy it. She had no fear and lived life to the fullest with maximum joy and happiness. She was a good example that we only are truly alive inside when we put our fears to the side to enjoy life to the fullest. She was a true pioneer of being free from any fear and was truly undaunted. I will miss those long drives and trips across the us with her and going to California with her to see her friend Kathy. I will cherish and treasure the lovely times we had together in our many travels and trips across many states in the us. Just to name a few we got to see Disneyland in CA & FL, the Grand Canyon, Texas, and all of Ohio together. This is something some people never get to do in a lifetime and we did this together more than once. My mother was extreme in many ways and lived her life extreme. This is a rare quality that many of us lack and instead have fear in life that prevents us from doing many things. Sharon truly was a kind warm hearted loving person. She paved the way and road for me to be impervious from fear that might prevent me from doing what I like in life and enjoying it to the fullest. Thanks Mom for doing that for me. I thought I should mention just one of many things you did for me and I will always love you.

    Your Proud Son David.



     Sharon Crevenston

    Sharon Crevenston born
    Feb. 21, 1949 went to be with
    our Lord after a valiant battle
    with cancer on Oct. 22, 2005.
    She was a member of
    Mineral Baptist Church where
    she was very active in the
    choir. Sharon opened and
    operated ABC Driving School
    in 2002 in Mineral, VA and was
    very successful.
    A memorial service will be
    held at 2 p.m. Nov. 19, 2005, at
    Mineral Baptist Church,
    Mineral, Virginia.
    Sharon was a devoted, lov-
    ing, caring wife and mother;
    She is survived by her loving
    husband of 38 years, Daniel
    Crevenston; two sons, Jimmy
    and David Crevenston; a
    daughter Norma Crevenston;
    two brothers Wallace and Scott
    Sharon came from an
    obscure background in and out
    of foster homes until she was
    blessed and taken in by the
    four star Admiral Wesley and
    Norma Mcdonald and their
    children, Kathy, Joy, Tony and
    Tom of Annandale, Va. This
    was a new life for Sharon, the
    Mcdonalds shared God’s love
    in a real Christian loving way.
    She went on to meet Daniel
    Crevenston in 1967, and they
    married on March 15, 1968.
    She graduated from
    Washington Lee High School
    and went on to Richmond
    College for a degree in busi-
    ness and driver education. She
    had a government position for
    over nine years, she then
    formed her own daycare center
    where she cared for over 200
    children. Daniel and Sharon
    formed a puppet ministry
    where they performed in
    churches, public schools, day-
    care centers, hospitals,
    Georgetown University, senior
    citizens nursing homes and T.V
    on the show God’s Good
    News. They tried to bring
    Christian principals, concepts,
    and ideas especially to reach
    children. Sharon was involved
    in Women’s Christian
    Ministries, renewing Love and
    Aglow. She would give her tes-
    timony and speak at different
    Sharon Crevenston bornFeb. 21, 1949 went to be withour Lord after a valiant battle with cancer on Oct. 22, 2005.She was a member ofMineral Baptist Church whereshe was very active in thechoir. Sharon opened andoperated ABC Driving Schoolin 2002 in Mineral, VA and wasvery successful.A memorial service will beheld at 2 p.m. Nov. 19, 2005, atMineral Baptist Church, Mineral, Virginia.Sharon was a devoted, lov-ing, caring wife and mother;She is survived by her lovinghusband of 38 years, DanielCrevenston; two sons, Jimmy and David Crevenston; adaughter Norma Crevenston;two brothers Wallace and ScottMarkem.Sharon came from anobscure background in and out of foster homes until she wasblessed and taken in by the four star Admiral Wesley andNorma Mcdonald and their children, Kathy, Joy, Tony andTom of Annandale, Va. Thiswas a new life for Sharon, theMcdonalds shared God’s lovein a real Christian loving way.She went on to meet DanielCrevenston in 1967, and they married on March 15, 1968.She graduated fromWashington Lee High School and went on to RichmondCollege for a degree in busi-ness and driver education. Shehad a government position for over nine years, she then formed her own daycare centerwhere she cared for over 200children. Daniel and Sharon formed a puppet ministrywhere they performed inchurches, public schools, day-care centers, hospitals,Georgetown University, seniorcitizens nursing homes and T.Von the show God’s GoodNews. They tried to bringChristian principals, concepts,and ideas especially to reachchildren. Sharon was involvedin Women’s ChristianMinistries, renewing Love andAglow. She would give her tes-timony and speak at different

    Churches to help encourage
    other women. She never had
    lessons but loved to play piano,
    she even played in church
    once, years ago.
    The Crevenston family
    would like to thank everyone
    for their support during this
    Woodward Funeral Home,
    Louisa, Virginia is handling