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  • Last Name:Yap Gender:Male
    First Name:Simon Nationality:Malaysia
    Birthday:1965-06-19 Religion:
    Deathday:2005-11-21 Profession:
    Birth Address:
    Tomb Address:

    Got to know him after he left MCSB to join Patimas, at that times our office was still at Damansara Jaya. Cant remember exactly which year was it, but it has been many years back. It was then some of us pick up golf and started to play at UPM, Simon was one of them. After sometimes, we started venture out to other courses such as Emville, Bukit Unggul, Venice Hill kajang (we played once). And during one of his birthday we played almost 30 holes in Bukit Unggul.

    Ever since he pick up golf, he has never look back since. 

    Subsequently he moved on to HP, where the golf buddies grew even larger. I remember during the peak, we could gather as many as 4 flights.

    During the times, we also started a football team and we named our team Bombers (Bunch Of Old Mans Being Really Stupid). Though football never been his cup of tea, but Simon seldom feel to join us no matter how far our games is. The furthest we ever played were Tanjung Malim and Klang.

    In between Golf and Football, the whole gang also started playing snooker at Sunway Pyramid. Be it raining days or sunshine, the group would gather at Sunway Pyramid Snooker Center every Friday evening, very often we would played until wee hours of the next day.

    In my vivid memory, some of us would even play golf the following days and football on Sunday. Those were the times Simon spend his weekend with us, till we discontinue the football group realizing we couldn’t chase around those youngster anymore. And some of us got married.

    Being a friend, there are many good thing about Simon than a bad one. Hence, its not a surprise he has many friends and his departure would surely be missed by many of them. He is one of the most trustworthy person we ever come across.

    He would always be remember for his kindness, cheerfulness, thoughtfulness, accommodating and a true friend.

    Lets us all remember this date, 21 November 2005, when our dearest friend depart from us to be with The Almighty.

    So Long & take good care my friend.
    Chuang Siow Pin