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Degandet, Jessica [Friend] 2009-06-08 05:27 PM
I never knew...
I remember Jeremiah from the days when we were young. I moved away my freshman year of high school to attend school in Colorado. I was just thinking about him yesterday and how great he was, and went to see if he had anything online (myspace, etc.) To my surprise I find this. I can't believe it's been over 10 years since his passing, and can't believe I never knew. Of all the people I knew when I was younger, he was the only one that stood out. He was funny, mischievious, and so kind to me. I still can't believe all these years have passed and I never knew he had passed away. I hope his family, close and distant, continues to cope and finds peace in knowing that if he impacted a persons life so long ago, that I'm sure he impacted many others as well. God bless. - Jessica (Helton) Degandet
Xu, Ling [Passenger] 2006-04-30 03:19 PM
Happy spring in another world
I am sorry for your lost. Hope you have a happier life in another world.