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kerns, aj, shy ,davan [grandkids] 2007-04-03 03:58 PM
we love you pawpaw

shy and aj was talking the other day about pawpaw u know lil davan was trying to ask where pawpaw was and the others to said well pawpaw is just sleeping he well be back one day  dav said why shy and shy looked at her and said pawpaw is still here just have to think of him and you will see him.shy said when i miss him i just try to rember pawpaw playing in the yard with me .he was a fun pawpaw .shy said pawpaw  called me  his lil miracle baby and aj ya ya im his lil buddy.but lil dav didnt understand.shy said well when u get biger i well tell u all about me and your pawpaw.


Larson McCuin, Terry [Neice] 2007-04-02 08:14 AM
Very Special Person

There are few people in your life that leave lasting impressions, but those that do are there forever.  Donald was one of those people, he had a smile not matter what was going on in his life, he was there for everyone.  He stood by you even when he might have thought you were making a big mistake, but was always there to pick you up when you needed him.  He loved his family first and foremost.

 No matter what he taught you, you will never forget it because he made it fun to learn, like it was a game.  Everyone in this family will remember something he taught them and that he always had a hand for the little ones to tag along with him or a knee to sit on, no matter what.

 I remember him singing in the barn "Be Bop a loola" or "Long Tall Sally" trying to hurry to go out on a date.

I will see him whenever I am working outside or just passing a field that a farmer is mowing or baling.

You will live forever in our hearts, we are so blessed to have had you as long as we did.

Love Ya


campbell, donna [daughter] 2007-03-24 12:37 PM

 I Love You Dad What can you say to someone who has always been one of the most essential parts of your world; someone who took you by the hand when you were little and helped to show the way... What do you say to someone who stood by to help you grow, providing love, strength and support so you could become the person you are today? What can you say to let him know that he’s the best there is, and that you hope you’ve inherited some of his wisdom and his strength? What words would you say if you ever got the chance? Maybe you just say “I love you, Dad...”

written by katy hobson...my friend 

kerns, the kids [kids] 2007-03-24 12:35 PM
we love you
You’ve Touched My Life ~~~dad~~my guarden angel~~ You’ve touched my life... In special ways through your understanding and the thoughtfulness you’ve shown. You’ve touched my life... through all the loving guidance that you’ve given me... through the memories we share. So whether we’re near or far, in so many warm and special ways, I know your love will always touch my life. my dad my guardenangel
Fecteau, Ted [Nephew] 2007-03-12 03:43 AM
Dear Memories of Duck
Hi Duck,
The world is a poorer place now without you. 
You struggled on to the end through thick and thin to be there for Lois,
for your kids and family.  In the end, you saw they have grown up
to make you proud, to be strong and good people who are in turn proud of their children - your grand children.
They have learned well from you and now it is time for them to teach their own
what you taught them.  You never did intend to stay long after Lois left.  But you stayed long enough.  Now you are together with Lois again and we have all you had to give us.
I remember growing up with you.  You were just ahead of me in school.  One day I was standing in a corner in the hallway (punishment - me?) and your class came marching by.  Did you tell?  You bet you did, as soon as we got home!  Oh my. 
Then the soft ball you taught me to play - I managed to swing the bat and spin around and hit the ball the second time around!  I thought that was great!  I did something no one else could do.
Then we would go out hunting in the woods, for squirrels that seemsed to always be on the other side of the tree,
for wild turkeys that were always just out of sight, but you could hear them gobble, gobble and then go flap, flap. 
Then the snipe hunting - we always managed to miss those darned things - I never did get to see what one looked like but you did your best to show me.
And the old MG that you lent me tools to use to fix it.  Then I proudly drove it around the field at the farm until it threw a rod through the cylinder wall.  You never did say I told you so - you let me have a go.  And you let me use the tools again.
I learned lots of things growing up with you.  I dare say, lots of people learned lots growing up with you around.  Thanks Duck.  You are sorely loved and sorely missed now.  We are all so much better for your love and care.  Amen.
Doyle, Marty [nephew] 2007-03-08 10:00 PM
May God hold you close

  Duck -- There is an old Irish poem that end "May God hold you in the palm of His hand until we meet again."

  So, my old friend, may God hold you dear in the palm of His hand and dear to His heard until we meet again.

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