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Minor, Andrea [Daughter] 2007-03-08 10:27 PM
I Miss You
I just  happened upon this website & couldn't resist sharing you with the rest of the world Mom.  I love you so much & I miss you more than you can imagine.  The boys are getting so big. Cody is getting to be so grown up.  Noah is such a sweet little thing.  You were so worried he would not remember you. Mom, he talks about you all the time.  Nearly everytime we walk outside at nighttime, he looks up for the brightest star & asks if that is his Nana.  He talks often about going to the cemetary to see you.  He & Cody take such good care of your gravesite.  I sure could have used your support these last few months.  Bruce has been wonderful through all of this.  I am sure you & Harlan are both up there looking down on all of us.  I love you Mom. Talk to you soon!