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Anderton, James [?] 2013-09-17 06:23 PM
Cant Right the wrongs III

If there is any tribute I wish to leave, it is one of sadness, shame, forgiveness and lessons learned. I\'m afraid closure would be wishful thinking. Danny\'s vision to have a family despite his own mother and father abandoning him were never realized. The good work that Danny and Sharon did before I was 6 was cancelled out by the heinous and insidious behavior that was allowed to go on behind closed doors, and eventually grew and infected others. David was manipulated by Sharon and she pitted us against each other from as early back as I can remember. She would beat me for getting close to David’s Playpen, as she didn\'t want us playing together. Said he had an ear infection and I would only make it worse. (It’s true he had ear issues, but she used that to manipulate us.) Any attempt to build a relationship with David ended in tragedy, either at the hands of Sharon or by David acting out as prescribed by Sharon. David and I don\'t speak to this day, but I don\'t blame David. I see it for what it really was. It doesn\'t excuse either of us for fights we had, whether they were justified or not, but it is what it is. My sister, born when I was 18 and attempting to leave the madness behind, took collateral damages, and as far as I know has not recovered, nor will accept outside help. It’s hard to say or see any good when I reflect back, as all the good is outweighed by the severity of the wrong doings that happened. Sharon died, knowing she had done wrong. I saw her a few weeks before she passed on. I could feel the guilt in her eyes. Her life was cut short, and I think she accepted this as a universal karma.

If there was good in my mother, it’s a good like a Darth Vader kind of good! In the beginning there was innocence and good will, only to be manipulated by evil people, and then becoming the evil that she had been exposed to most of her life, only in the end realizing the true nature and impact of the choices she made. Once again, David may have been correct in his Eulogy referencing Star Wars. Perhaps a Freudian slip!

We ALL make choices that not only affect us but affect others. We ALL walk on both paths of Good and Evil throughout our lives. Sharon fell from her path when I was very young, and struggled the remainder of her life with reality and the insane world she created. Some of us never return or find the good path before we die. Only God knows what was in the heart of Sharon before she died. I hope everyone that found themselves on the receiving end, during Sharon\'s path of evil, find some peace or some closure thru this testament, and if not closure find it in their heart to let go of the pain and anger as it only allows her acts of insanity to continue to do more harm.

Thru all this insanity I have found peace in knowing that it is not up to me to judge but for God alone. I may have my opinion, but God has the truth. I don\'t blame God for Sharon, as Sharon made her own choices. Rather, I thank God that I have been given time to reflect, heal, and forgive. I could not be the person that I am today, if I had harbored any of this evil that had been placed on me. 

Anderton, James [?] 2013-09-17 03:07 PM
Cant Right the wrongs II

I don\'t think this changes anything, but since these tributes are to be posted for eternity, I think its only fair to speak not only to Sharon\'s Evil, but of a few moments in her life when it seemed she was truly repentant. Only God knows for sure, but before I was 6 years old there were some strings of normalcy, and after 6 it deteriorated rapidly. I will never know truly what the problem was, but Sharon had serious problems for which she needed external help. Her husband Danny (My father) also had severe emotional and psychological issues stemming from childhood. Danny and Sharon\'s marriage was a perfect storm. Danny had no spine and had severe co-dependency issues. Sharon needed someone that was easy to control and had a sick need to manipulate and dominate. She was a psychological bully and took out the brunt of her issues on those she could keep in fear, and for those she couldn\'t intimidate, she used exaggerations and used treachery and trickery to get people to believing her and to get her way. It worked most of her life. I believe she was insanely smart. To that point, David may have been correct.

In her few (very few) moments of clarity, I believe Sharon wanted to do right, but like an alcoholic, she would return to creating strife and division, so she could satisfy her sickly urges to manipulate people and the outcomes.  I don\'t believe she desired to be violent, but she had no conscience or regard to making the decision to become violent in order to regain control of the situation or people involved in her schemes. Because of the level of violence that happened to her in her childhood was so severe, sadly the levels of violence she was willing to escalate to, were the stuff of Hollywood horror films.

I suspect to get a public lashing from David if he ever finds these posts, and he is free to throw as much mud at me as he wants to fabricate, just like Sharon would, however those that went thru her daycare know the truth and will know my words are truth, no matter what treachery is posted after this confession.

Anderton, James [Don\'t know cause I always suspected infidelity] 2013-07-21 07:59 PM
Cant Right the wrongs
WOW! What can I say about finding this today 07/21/2013. I never knew this was created or posted. First off I\'d have to agree that Davids Eulogy was a great work of fiction. He even quoted lines from Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith: "A person of Significance, of conscience". IRONICALLY that is exactly what I think of my mother - A Sith Lord. She was a master of deception and bi-polar narcissistic behavior.

I can only imagine the horrors other children felt that had to endure her daycare. It was a mental prison. I often refer to growing up in that house as growing up like the movie "People under the stairs". If I was a character, I was Fool. I semi escaped when I was a teen, but was never really free of the house. I felt powerless to change anything, and I just wanted to avoid being beaten as well. I read thru two posts from two individuals. I want to thank you for your courage to post what you had to say. I wish I knew who you really where, as there\'s some healing we could all benefit from by having a chance to speak on what was UNSPOKEN and worse, UNBELIEVED by outsiders. I would like to make a note to ALL DAYCARE KIDS who had to endure the horrors of that household. Before you all came to the services of Sharon\'s Daycare, before she open that up, all the beatings you took and all the mental abuse you took was DISHED out entirely UPON ME, up until the age of 12-13. Whatever you experienced, I experienced before you, and I experienced exponentially!! I had to clean up the shit, I had to take the beatings and abuse from both David and Sharon or I would (like you said) be beaten more Severely. When you went home, Sharon focused all that evil on me. I have scars that will never heal. We (you and I) both carry them. As Danny Bizoko stated when I caught up with him "It was the epitome of Hell". 

I was told to keep out of what was going on, and only got involved a few times to stop a total beat-down to a slap down. That was apparently the best I could do in that environment. I felt very badly for many of us there. We were all pitted against each other by Sharon creating a kiss David\'s ass division or take Jimmy\'s occasional mercy from beatings and be punished for it by name calling and additional Slave labor around the house. It disgusts me to no end...  it adds to my pain to see others were affected so badly even though they got to go home at the end of the day.

I changed my name in my 20\'s because I was so disgusted with the Crevenston Family. Something I divorced myself from a long time ago. They rapped my mind for 18 years and it took all of my young adulthood to recover from it. My Childhood was robbed from me. I never knew what it was to be kid. My choices were taken and made for me, until I could legally get away from it. I returned in my late 20\'s to try to address the evil that had been done, to confront it and to challenge it to change.  Little effort was made, and to be quite honest I still wasn\'t a fully functioning adult. Real change only came after I committed to end the relationship permanently or until such time the Crevenston family sought professional help. That never happened. Sharon Died....  THE END

Daily, Beaten [acquainted] 2008-11-27 08:30 PM
Child Care
What a great piece of fiction that David produced for his mother's eulogy.  If you believe that pile of crap I've got some beautiful water front property in Florida to sell you.  The legends say Lucifer could quote bible verse while applying his trade, too.  Ever had anyone "beat the devil out" of you? I have and apparently I'm not the only one(check other postings). Well IF god is more than just some fairy tale than at least Sharon won't be able to find her precious ice cream as she roasts at Satan's feet.
Pastore, Mike [cousin] 2008-09-01 07:14 AM
    Oh, my goodness. Sharon is gone.  I was on of the children at her day care center.  I will never forget the lessons I learned there: that my brother and I had ni&&er  lips, how to clean her house after her dogs defecated on the floor, how to bury an animal after her son killed a puppy, how to be a punching bag to her son because if you fought back she would beat you harder than he ever could, pure fear, hatred and violence while being told the "Word of God", I learned the sanctuary of my parents(who did not beleive the horror stories), I learned the safety and goodness in Jimmy and Danny and how to let go of that hate and fear.  So in summation she was no saint and neither is her son. Her husband and his son are alright though.
Yw, Michelle [family friend] 2007-06-26 09:10 PM


I was thinking of Sharon the other night
and while reading a book at wee hours of the
morning a scripture got ahold of me and kept me locked on
the page till I got a piece of paper to write Danny
My mind filled with thoughts of Sharon and I began to tear

So I wrote him the scripture I found
and mailed it,Talked to him today
he happened to be up at the same time I was
He also has been having a hard time dealing
with her loss and in the letter
I wrote him and said that I am here
for him to listen anytime
I even talked to his daughter Norma
I told her she's 16 now I said I got close to yer
ma when I was 16 so I got years and years of things
to tell you up until your my age
she said really?I said yeah,she was so happy
I truely blessed to have had her mother Sharon
in my life
and I am thankful for all she has done for me and my family
I plan to see them soon
I am so thankful for the memories as for they will be a stepping stone in a womans point of view of Norma's life.
I am still praying for them even right now as I type to
get through this even for me sometimes
I am just so thankful for all my beautiful memories of her and her family and telling Norma the memories may make me miss her more but the joy in Norma's voice to hear about herself as a baby when I was a teen how interested she was to hear about it was priceless
Lord I thank you for all the memories of them,Its one of many of the most beautiful gifts you've given me
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