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About Us

The translation center was created due to the significantly increasing volume in document translation between English and Chinese in the past few years. The traditional translation services are done through exchanging paper documents. Clients would bring us the original documents and then ask us to translate the document from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English. The translated documents would then have to be delivered back to clients in a printed document. We found that exchanging the paper documents is very inefficient and hard to manage.

With our online translation center, clients do not need to send us documents in paper form. As long as the clients have computers with Internet access, the whole process could be done through our website easily.

To use our system, please first create a new client account and then upload original document to our website. Our translators will download it and translate the document to the other language. The translated document will then be uploaded and available for clients to download. There is no need for paper documents to be involved and the translated documents can be easily accessed and managed through our website.

Our goal is to provide best service to our clients. We make sure clients are very satisfied with our translation service and the website experience. The website will be enhanced periodically and we are willing to consider any kind of suggestions. Please contact us on any concerns or comments you may have.

Our Motto

"Your satisfaction is our business."

Website Change Log
  • 07/01/2007: Launch first version translation center.
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