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Explain each translation job status.

There are 10 different job status for a translation:
  1. New Created: A translation job is first created with this status.
  2. Ready for Quote: The client should change status to ready for quote once complete uploading.
  3. Job Quoted: A job manager quotes the job and sets status to job quoted.
  4. Payment Made: The client agrees with the quote, makes the payment and sets status to payment made.
  5. Job Paid: The job manager confirms payment and set status to job paid.
  6. Translating: A translator then sets status to translating and starts translation.
  7. Done Transltation: The translator uploads all translated documents and sets status to done translation.
  8. Proofread: A proof reader looks into translated documents, makes any necessary change and sets status to proofread.
  9. Job Completed: The job manager then sets status to job completed to indicate completion of the translation job.
  10. Job Declined: The client can decline the job if he/she doesn't agree with the job quote.
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